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Let’s face it. Who doesn’t want to lose a few extra kilos to have the ideal body shape? The unfortunate thing is people are under the impression that if they starve them self, they will lose weight. But is this true? and the right way to lose weight? The truth is that starving yourself is bad for weight loss.

Starving yourself for weight loss is neither healthy or effective. The truth is that you to gain more weight instead. It’s really quite simple once you know. When you starve, you force your body into starvation mode. Your mind and body do realize when it’s not getting enough nourishment so it starts to store fat to be consumed later. Starvation can also decrease you’re the rate of your metabolism cause you several health problems. The best, safest and most effective alternative to starving for weight loss is using appetite.

In order to understand why starving yourself is bad for weight loss, you must understand how body fat works.

How does Body Fat work and what is it?

Body fat is stored energy. When you consume food, your body will burn some of the calories, and will store whatever is left over and form into body fat.

One of the biggest and most common mistakes people make is not eating while working out at a moderate to high intensity. But when starving yourself, there are some things that happen to your body.

When you don’t eat, or eat very little, your body goes into what is known as “starvation mode”. The rate of your metabolism starts slowing down and your body starts to conserve and keep the body fat. The hormones in your body switch on and say” what’s going on? It will go into a survival mode.

Secondly, when starving yourself, you will just give up because you feel hungry and just want to eat. Because we are blessed to have food so much good food around, it’s easy to be tempted and just start eating.

Another very important reason why you shouldn’t starve yourself is food gives us fuel for energy and valuable nutrients that your body needs to survive and function.

Last but not least, when you finish eating a meal after you’ve been starving yourself, your body breaks it down differently. Because your metabolism has slowed down from starving yourself, your body will store it instead of burning it. So, in simple terms, you end up gaining more body fat.

A Smarter Way

A smarter way to lose body fat is eating more meals throughout the day. You should aim to eat 5 to 8 small meals of healthy foods throughout the day to keep your metabolism functioning efficiently. You won’t feel as less and won’t eat as much. This method works for many people although it is not the only approach.

If you genuinely want to lose body fat, don’t starve yourself. Starving yourself is bad for weight loss. While it might seem contrary to our intuition, you need to eat (healthy and correctly) to lose fat and not starve yourself. Starving yourself is way to go about if you want achieve weight loss and bad and detrimental for your overall health. If you eat small healthy meals throughout the day, workout, and you will lose the weight.

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