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Many women are under the misconception that lifting weights will make them bulky. This is a myth and we will explain why women should be lifting weights.

If you’re looking to improve the overall shape of your body, be more toned and have less body fat, then lifting weights is a very important component of a well-rounded fitness program. If you stick with it, Guaranteed, you’ll be looking good, feeling better.

So, how often should you lift weights?

Ideally, twice a week says Rachelle Reed, PhD, CPT, Pure Barre’s manager of training development and barre kinesiologist. And we provide that here at FHQ. Monday upper body and Wednesday lower body. We got you covered.

Burn more calories and increase lean muscle tone

Lifting weights builds muscle, as lean muscle increases so does metabolism. Lifting weights can increase your lean body mass, which increases the number of overall calories you burn during the day. By adding more lean muscle, you’ll be burning more calories outside of training, even when you’re your relaxing at home on the couch or sitting behind your office desk.

You're shaping your body-not making it bigger.

Lifting weights is a great way to shape your body the way you want. You can vigorously be using the cross trainer, bike or treadmill trying to burn that unwanted body fat. But the secret to a tighter and firmer body isn’t burning those jiggly body parts with cardio exercises, it’s in building lean muscle.

Want a perkier bum? Do squats and deadlifts. Want more defined arms and back? Pull ups and shoulder press exercises is the answer. And we do all this and more at FHQ.

If you’re simply looking to improve overall shape of your body and improve your body composition, then lifting weights is also a very important component of a well-rounded fitness program.

Here are 3 misconception (Myths) about women and lifting weight— and why you should feel good about lifting weights.

Myth No #1: It will make me bulky and look masculine

Most women keep away from lifting heavy weights because they fear it’ll make them look bulky and masculine. This is far away from the truth and here is why?

Women do not have the same hormone profile as men. Bulking up comes from the combination of a level of testosterone (which men have and not women), high calorie intake for bulking and lifting weights daily.

At FHQ we don’t lift weights daily. We have only 2 days designated for weight training. We divide the body into 2 parts: – upper body on Mondays and lower body on Wednesday. So basically, if you’re not working muscle groups to failure six days per week or eating extra calories to bulk up, and only lifting weights like 2 times per week, will make you have a more lean and toned body — not bulkier.

Myth No #2: Lifting weights doesn’t burn fat as effectively as cardio

Cardio is great for you, and other aerobic exercises increase your endurance (heart and lung capacity), improve your blood flow, and help maintain low blood sugar.

But cardio won’t help you build strength, define muscles, or lose weight as effectively as weight training.

While you might burn more overall calories during a cardio workout, weight training increases your ability to burn calories long after you have finished your workout. A good weight training workout also will also help with increasing your metabolism for up to three days after your workout. The result? Less fat, a more toned lean body, and a better metabolism.

Myth No #3: It’s too intimidating. Or just for men. Or not right for me.

Many women fear they’re beyond the age to begin lifting weights or haven’t invested enough time in training for lifting weights to be effective. It’s never too late to start!

Every decade, starting in your mid-30s, you lose a percentage of muscle, which will affect your metabolism, balance, and ability to prevent injuries ,” explains Larysa DiDio, a certified personal trainer and Prevention’s contributing fitness editor. “By weight training, you build more muscle to protect your body against injury.”

So, what are you waiting for? Come down for your 21 days free trial, with no obligation thereafter and give us ago a. FHQ PT’s are ready to get you set with a structured personalised plan. If you have an injury or recovering from an injury, don’t sweat it our Exercise Physiologist will make sure that you get back on track and training safely.

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