What facilities are available?

We have full bathroom facilities such as shower, toilet and change area.

It’s my first class, how early should I arrive?

Because we operate our session on No-Timetable, there is no need to book in for a class. But please allow around 10-15 before you want to commence your workout. This gives our instructors the chance to give you a quick break-down of the class and the types of exercises you’ll be performing.

What do I need to bring to class?

We encourage you to bring a water bottle, towel, correct footwear and comfortable training clothes to workout in. Water is available for purchase, and towel hire is also available.

How important is it for me to book an appointment with a TF Professional Trainer?

Very important! We strongly encourage you to book an appointment before you do your first workout! This is so one of Professional Trainers can explain the workout. Our Trainers will also go through a full consultation and screening to see where your level of fitness is at, and any injuries we should know about so we can cater the workout to suit your needs.

I’ve never tried Trained before; will it be hard?

Don’t sweat it. Our Professional Trainers will know how to ease you into your training. Our focus in the beginning is too make sure you are performing the correct exercise technique. The session will be catered to your experience and level of fitness. You will be working at your pace, and an intensity that you can handle. Remember it’s your body and know one knows it better than you. We ensure that you are training safe to avoid injury and will increase your intensity gradually and injury free.

How many calories will I burn during a class?

How many calories you burn will depend on a variety of factors including fitness level, type of class and how hard you push yourself. However, our workouts are 31-minute classes you will typically burn between 300-400 calories. Because we don’t operate on class times and timetables, there is nothing form stopping you from training longer. Our trainers will cater for any length of time that would like to train.

Is there parking available?

Yes, there is plenty of parking is available right outside our studio doors.

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